Why reliable web hosting is worth your money

Reliable web hosting can make a huge difference whether your e-Business will succeed or not, if you will be able to grow in the long run or fail. Reliable web hosting is a indicator of how serious you are with your e-Business and it will help you to better please your customers and increase your search engine ranking.

Cheap can cost you more

Cheap web hosting often comes with huge flaws and can easily backfire on you. Every downtime costs money, every time a potential customer visits your site and can’t reach it, you lose that potential customer forever. Webmasters don’t like to link to websites which are offline every once in a while, broken links will look bad on the site. If search engines send out their spiders to crawl your site every 10 days and your site is offline on that day, the lovely spiders don’t like that so you will be kicked out of the index until it can crawl again. What is the True Downtime Cost (TDC)? By Don Fitchett nicely describes how you can determine the true cost of a system failing. If you want to save money somewhere, then don’t save it on your Web Hosting. The hidden cost of system downtime could make all the difference in having a successful e-Business.

Common Cheap Hosting problems

Commonly cheap small – mid hosting companies are putting thousands of domains / customers on a single server with a single IP and promising resources that are not even available. It makes sense to do so from a hosting point of view, the cost of having empty servers standing around is enormous. But the rundown for customers is that you can’t influence the websites on your IP, you could have a shady Porn or Warez site running on the same IP and server. Creating enormous amounts of traffic that results in longer loading time of your website. If a customer is not willing to wait, and he will not be willing, for your site there are hundreds other websites offering the same or similar products or information just a click away. Security is another huge issue. It is common in shady markets like the above to have a constant wave of attacks on your site. If you are sharing your hosting with sites like that it is not only their server that gets hacked. Do you want to lose all your data? How good is your backup routine by the way? We talked about the true cost of Cheap Web Hosting, now think about how much it costs you to be offline every few days or having the loss of all your data. Sometimes your website is so slow that nobody can bear to visit it. If you want to prevent most common web hosting problems, find a partner that have the service level as well as the hosting standards to truly accommodate your e-Business.

Why you should never use free hosting for your e-Business

Free web hosting is exactly what it is, Free and that is the great thing about it. You don’t pay for it, so you get exactly that much from it. The common problems you can expect from free web hosting are:

  • Banner or Text ads across the top of your website
  • Pop ups or Pop under ads
  • Slow connection to the server
  • Downtime occurs often
  • Low security, htaccess is often not even available
  • Almost no configuration possibilities
  • Thousands of domains hosted on one server
  • Very bad neighborhood for search engine ranking
  • Search engine could have trouble indexing your site

Most of these points also count for cheap web hosting. The fact alone that your server neighborhood, sites hosted on the same IP, will be bad, would be enough to get your web site devalued by search engines. But also slow connections or even connection problems could lead to devaluation of your web site and could stop you from ranking highly. There are a lot of trade offs when you are hosting for free, even when you just host a blog on a free blog service site, it could inhibit you from ranking well. So ask yourself the question, Why Should I Pay for Web Hosting?

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