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  • What does Bing stand for?

    Since has bin on the marked may people are asking what does Bing stand for? Because it not Google seems to be the public opinion but join the conversation and make your own suggestion.

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  • Redesigning your e-Commerce site is not always the best way

    I would recommend consulting with a dedicated Internet Marketer first to help to identify your challenge and show you better or easier ways of using your budget to drive traffic to your online business instead of completely redesign your site if you feel stuck with the traffic you are getting.

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  • Most e-Commerce sites waste over 40% of their potential traffic!

    Websites that have been around for a while now rank well for many keywords but are often far away from ranking as number one with a lot of pages. If they would manage to get ranking in the Top 2 for around 30 – 50 % of their products they would be happy. Right now, I don’t foresee this achievement anytime soon with the current SEO strategy.

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