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Why should I do it?

Most websites that are on the Internet are not search engine optimized yet, especially older websites from small business owners. The Internet population is growing like never before, the world is in a recession and the numbers of people buying on the Internet is still rising. More demand means more business for you as long as your online business is found. Why should you get an SEO site review for your online business? The answer is simple, right now we are in a recession but the number of people buying online is still rising. If you search engine optimize your website today your online business will produce higher results in the future. The recession will not be here forever.

What results can I expect?


Above you see a screenshot of a client’s Google Analytics account, comparing a 6-month period after and before implementing the SEO site review.

Results vary from site to site since success depends on the industry, current market position and product of your online business. In general, most sites have 40% of their SEO value locked up somewhere in their site structure. Wouldn’t you like to get 40% more traffic to your site with just a few little changes?

How do you do it?

Most websites have around 40% of their SEO value wasted somewhere in their site structure. Often websites have on page SEO issues that hinder it from ranking well. Navigational problems are another common reason that reduces the success of pushing the page rank down to lower pages and your website is losing out on the long-tail keywords that bring the most traffic to the site.

At we create you a unique SEO site review using multiple online tools to give you a better analysis on your current website ranking. creates unique recommendations on what and how to change your pages for more visibility. A set of off-page recommendations are created to increase the numbers of targeted links, more recurring visitors and other Internet marketing opportunities for your online business. All three parts together will create the unique SEO site review for your online business.

What do I get?

You will get an outline of the status of your website, an easy to follow set of recommendations to increase your site’s visibility through on-page changes, to target links and to increase the number of recurring visitors.

How much do I need to invest for this?

Normally SEO is expensive. Everybody has read about cheap link building services but that is not SEO. Most of the times you will end wasting your money because these services do not stay inside the search engine rule set. service is different from those services, not only is the Return on Investment potentially much higher, but we stay within the search engine rule set. We only give you recommendations that will help your online business to grow long-term without spending thousands of dollars for constant changing your website to keep your rankings. With the list of recommendations you are in control, you can choose when to do the changes and what to change.

Introductory price only $1,999 US

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