SES Chicago Day 1

I waited a long time to write my first post and it will not be a long one 🙂
I arrived in Chicago yesterday evening, the first time for me being in Chicago and the first time for me going to a big conference.

I think I didn’t have so much fun like I had yesterday night for a long time.
I don’t remember much since I went to bed at like 5 am and I’m still holding my bottle of water very close 🙂

Right now I enjoy the panels on the conference and took a quick brake to update the site.
I hope that I will have some more time later on to update the site with some more information.

But for now I just wanted to say thanks to Mark Jackson from VIZION Interactive for giving me some advile this morning. And Jim Hedger from for being so nice and indruce me to so many people.

More updates soon.

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