About Falko Inc

Falko Inc. is the home of Vancouver, B.C. based Strategic Internet Marketer Falko Luedtke. Falko Inc.com offers up-to date information on how Internet Marketing can optimize Businesses, and strategies on how to use the available technology to increase both the brand awareness and profitability of a company.

5 ways to make your website successful

  • Provide real value and you get a higher return on investment.
  • Quality Links are more important than a large quantity of links.
  • Share Information, listen to others and don’t be afraid to change.
  • Know your Market and interact with your communities to create awareness.
  • Clear website structure helps search engines understand your site better and rank you higher.

Professional Career highlights

  • Website Administrator at Kiwi Collection Inc.
  • Created website optimization plans to increase traffic and conversion ratios
  • Optimized webpages for better visibility in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Live.com
  • Created website structuring plans to optimize webpages for more targeted traffic
  • Created PPC, Link Building and Social Media Campaigns
  • Created and optimized landing pages to increase ROI and user friendliness
  • Planned, created, maintained and extended high traffic web server cluster
  • Coordinated and managed outsourcing of the Server
  • Planned and oversaw the development of web applications as an extension of the CRM
  • Responsible for hardware, Internet and phone needs of the Company
  • Researched, implemented, tested and advice the Executive Officers about progress and recommendations of IT projects

IT Specialist at IBM Germany

  • Honored multiple times for my dedication and results of my work
  • Work experience and hands-on training in various IBM departments
  • Worked as a key member of the construction team for the assembly of the ZIB Supercomputer in 2002
  • Supervisor in the Project Office for the e-SNI Germany wide outsourcing Project that included over 250 of the biggest German companies in 2003/2004
  • Created technical plans and documents for different departments and systems
  • Assembly, maintenance and disassembly of significant Mainframe Server, Storage, Network and Printer Systems built by IBM from 1998 to 2004
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