10 Free Tools for easy Website Business start

Everybody is talking about it; make money online, if your life is going nowhere and all doors have slammed shut in front of you, it very well may be the right time to do it. Building a small website and creating a connection with other people in the same industry is the first step for you in becoming successful online. There is however, always the big question, how I can do it easily and simply,  with no cost other then my time. I have compiled a list of 10 apps that you can use absolutely free right now to build your own Website Business. I guess the only thing you really need to pay for is a domain name; Godaddy.com is great for this as they are affordable and offer great services.

Google Apps

Google Apps are great! It takes the functionality of Microsoft Office suite online without ever again being tied down to a location. Email, Documents, Calendar and cites so many different functionalities all in one place as well as very easy to administration. If your Website Business grows and more people are involved you can simply add more users to your domain. You can also share documents with other people that are very helpful when you are working on a project with which you need to collaborate with others. In addition, the native gTalk is included so you can chat with your friends directly in your emails, give them a video or voice call, or share your desktop with them. At the moment you will not find better Office software for free anywhere. You can also use sites.google.com, it is included to build your own website. A simple website about you can be created by anybody with a small amount of effort.


Blogger.com or Blogspot.com is one of the first sites that allowed you to create a user account and start your own blog. Now Google owns them and the servers seems to get better and better. You can get an easy to design Blog that you can update daily. It is easy to integrated with your other accounts like twitter and Facebook and offers you in a simple manner everything you need to start your own blog which you can use to create relationships with other people interested in your industry or niche. After you have enough followers you can start monetizing your blog. Blogger already offers you easy integration for this from Adsense as well as Amazon.


Did you know that Videos on the internet are one of the fast growing markets? Did you also know that revenue from ads in videos has virtually exploded within the last few months? Signing up to YouTube.com and uploading your own videos can become a simple way to put money in your pocket every month. Sure, it will take sometime until the money comes in but then it will not stop. Most of the phones we are using these days can take videos that you than can just upload directly on to YouTube, don’t be shy film your self. http://www.youtube.com/t/howto_makevideo


RSS / XML feeds are a semantic way of publishing and sharing with other websites. FeedBurner.com automates this for you. It automatically submits your newest content to search engines, RSS directory websites and people who subscribed to your RSS feed. This is an easy way to keep in touch with your followers as well as keep search engines up to date on what you are doing. It’s important to keep updating and adding new content to keep your readership happy. FeedBurner can also integrate with Adsense to allow you to display ads in your RSS feed. You may not want to do this in the beginning, but after you build yourself enough followers, it is a very good way to make money.


Adsense is the platform Google uses to allow other people’s websites to display ads from there moneymaking machine Adwords. It is pretty simple, you display the ads from Adsense on your blog or in your RSS feed or YouTube Videos, somebody clicks on one of the ads and you get paid $ for each user who does it. This is an easy way to make money when publishing your own new unique content. You are paid directly from Google and they find the advertisers for your website.


For the more advanced user who has already established a larger following group and would like to start doing Affiliate marketing, Clickbank is a great place to start. It offers you a lot of training on how to succeed as an Affiliate marker to set you on the right path. The great advantage to this Affiliate marketing is that you are normally get paid a % of the revenue the company is making from your promotion. As example for subscription based offers, you will be paid every month a percentage of the revenue for each person you have promoted to a product.


Twitter is a Social Media tool that you can use to connect with other people around the world. It is also a great tool to build a following around you. As more and more people see you as an expert and believe in the things you are saying, the easier it will become for you to sell them the products you are promoting. Using Twitter Automation software like Socialoomph.com can help you to gain a large number of followers within a matter of weeks. What you put in is what you get back!


Another very important Social Marketing tool is Facebook, connecting with leaders from your niche or industry is an easy way to create new relationships and find place to publish content. Many people also started to use Facebook to meet new business partners or connect to people they like. Stay in touch with the people around you and you may get business coming your way that you never expected.


Is a great way to find local groups interested in the same niche or industry as you are.  You may meet experts in your local community or even just find like minded people with whom you can do web projects or exchange content with.


Flickr.com is a community to share your photos with other people. It is simple to create an account, upload pictures and use them on your pages or blog posts. Flickr gets a lot of traffic and can create very targeted and useful traffic to your website. It is also a great way to stay in touch with your friends by sharing photos of your last meeting with the world.

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