What does PPC stand for?

PPC means Pay Per Click and is the most common form of Internet marketing currently used in the world. It can be used to send instant traffic to any website in any Internet niche. It is most commonly used to send targeted traffic to a page using only the keywords related to the page or product the Advertiser is trying to sell. It also can be used to send a large amount of visitors to a “squeeze” page to collect Emails address to add your list. PPC is extremely useful to test long-term SEO strategies as well to ensure that the keywords targeted will convert.

Almost every major website offers some form of PPC advertising. Some of the biggest PPC networks are Google Adwords, Yahoo Advertising, Microsoft AdCenter and Facebook. There are also smaller Advertiser Networks that use the PPC model to sell ads on websites across the globe.

The Top 10 tips for a successful PPC campaign:

  1. Create Ad groups for each page you are targeting
  2. Use only relevant and exact keywords
  3. Use only relevant Ads for the right pages
  4. Geo-target your Ads
  5. Start with a low budget and then increase for converting terms
  6. Don’t start bid wars spot 3 – 5 often suffice
  7. Monitor your PPC campaign daily to ensure maximum ROI
  8. Split test your Ads every month to see if you can improve conversion or CTR
  9. Delete Keywords that have high traffic but don’t convert
  10. Ensure clean and relevant Landing page for each Ad you are running

PPC is an efficient and easy way to generate revenue on almost any website. However, dif done incorrectly, it will devalue your website very quickly and you will lose money. I would suggest to start with a conservative daily budget and slowly increase it as experience and conversion are growing. It is also good to hire a PPC Marketing company to help your Website Business with running a successful campaign.

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