Local Internet Marketing Groups at Meetup.com

In the last week, I have tried to spend more time going to local meetup groups here in Vancouver. There are a large number of groups covering Internet marketing, SEO, SEM, PPC and similar interests. There are also experts in the field present at these events, eager to share their knowledge with you. As well as very knowledgeable experts that are happy to share information with each other.

On the 15th of July, I went to the Vancouver Internet Marketers meetup at the J lounge. Gordon Martin from DropWizard gave a good presentation about “Basic SEO/SEM – how to start/use these techniques to promote your web business”. I would have liked to link the presentation as I thought it was well made with useful information butI but, unfortunately for the first part, the projector had some issue so they decided not to put the presentation online. After the presentation, there was an opportunity to mingle. I noticed John Chow and managed to have a great chat with him. It was great to see my friend Aimie at the meetup, it has been too long 🙂

Yesterday I went to the monthly SEO/SEM roundtable, with my buddy Dmitriy being on the Expert Panel this month I thought I need to go by and check it out. Carlos from Bloom Marketing was also present and we had a beer and a good conversation for a while. I found it very interesting to observe how the Internet marketing strategists in Vancouver utilize their second language to market to foreign markets.

I personally love meetups, it is so much better to talk to people face to face and share knowledge with each other. I will try to be now a regular at Vancouver Meetups and create seminars and presentations to share information with my local Internet Marketer community.

If you are running a Meetup.com Group in Vancouver and would like me to give a presentation or seminar about Internet Marketing, please leave a comment under the post. I would love to help.

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