What is Green Hat SEM?

Green Hat SEM is an advanced way of thinking how to make money in a long run on the Internet. By focusing on providing more value to the customer you indirectly focus on making more money.

Everybody knows about the discussion of Black Hat vs. White Hat SEO. I think it is the same as the discussion about fakers and real people at the end of the 90th in Internet Chats. It’s a question of opinion, it’s a question of integrity but most of all, it is a question of what is working for you. I am not a fan of spamming; I do not like when I come to a site and find myself confronted with millions of ads. I think that the real problem about link buying is that it is just about money, if you have enough money you can buy yourself to the top. However, the Internet is different; the basic concept is free information for everybody. In addition, search engines want to provide the most relevant information to their customers and not the most unnaturally made relevant page.

What is Green Hat SEM then?

Simple, it is a way of thinking, putting all unnecessary useless things to the side and focusing on what is important, making money. With focusing on relevance and providing value to visitors and into the community, your site will create more brand awareness and thus becoming more trusted.

Many people try to keep up with algorithm changes and track their ranking on a daily basis. They are spending too much time on useless and mindless tasks. Many webmasters are scared to take the risk of trying new things with their site. Others do everything to get as many links and traffic as possible.

However, does that really work? Some spammers make a lot of money, others do not. On the other hand, some people do not make the money that their site could generate. The Internet is just polluted with useless links and ads now a day. Instead of focusing on providing a great service or tool they just think of making money, but most of them fail.

How do you set your mind to Green Hat SEM?

Stop thinking about rankings, stop thinking about how to get as many as possible links, stop doing mindless tasks and focus on relevance. Don’t try to rank for the keyword that has the most traffic in your industry if you don’t have any relevant pages for it. Stop promising things you can’t deliver. Stop being scared of reviews; if you are doing what you said you do; you should not be scared at all, right?

Green Hat SEM Summary

Green Hat SEM is a way of living, a way of thinking about the Internet not in how to manipulate it, more on how to make it more relevant. With focusing on being relevant and providing value, you focus on making money without being focused on it. Soon you will be wondering why you are making more money and why you are getting more and more referrals from your existing customers. Green Hat SEM is focused on the most important element of e-Business: the customer. A happy customer has more impact on your traffic than any link to your site. Conversion is King, Content should be the Priest and ranking is useless if you are not relevant for the keyword you are ranking for.

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  1. Avatar for Bloggeries Bloggeries says:

    Good post. I think many people try to chase the traffic and get burnt out. Building a long term plan is definitely the way to go. Traffic is vanity – relevance and conversions is sanity.

  2. Avatar for Falko Falko says:

    Thank you for your comment Bloggeries.

  3. Avatar for Anon Anon says:

    This is really worthy of a sphinn frontpage? It’s an okay opinion piece… Not exactly ground-breaking…

  4. Avatar for Falko Falko says:

    Hey Anon,

    I don’t know if it is worth sphinn frontpage, I’m actually humbled by the fact that it got so many sphinns already.

    Just as a little tip next Monday Winning the Web will post a follow up to this post.

  5. Hiya Falko!

    I just came across your guest post on Winning The Web, hence I’m here! The concept of Green Hat SEO/SEM really appeals to me, as one of my passions in life is organics and sustainability. I am a Permaculturist and Organic Agricultural consultant, so the idea of amalgamating that kind of green thinking with search marketing, another great passion, really appeals to me. I will come and visit here again, keep up the good work!

    All the very best for 2009!

    Jacques Snyman

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