Local Search, the opportunity to grow your Local Business!

Wiki says: “Local search is the use of specialized Internet search engines that allow users to submit geographically constrained searches against a structured database of local business listings.”

All major search engines including local search results into their search results. There is a good Indonesian place on Commercial Drive but I forgot the name. Think for a second how you would try to find the Business. I would go to Google.ca and type something like “Indonesian Restaurant Commercial Drive Vancouver

The name of the place I was looking for is Pondok, but their website is not in the top ten of the search result. Also there is no local business listing for them in place, Google comes up with an Indonesian place on Dunbar at 41 Ave … not the perfect result but they have their business listing in place.

Local Search, the new Yellow Pages!

With spending the time on local search optimization you can drive more targeted traffic to your Business and increase the revenue. It does not matter if you are an Indonesian Restaurant or a Plumber, visibility of your business in search engines can bring you more Business than an ad in the Yellow Pages.

With providing the most relevant content to a local search term, you can funnel far more visitors to become customers then trying to rank for broad terms where you are lacking relevancy. Local Online Business ads is a great way to create market share and brand awareness.

Being visible for more than just your name can improve the flow to your local business and increase offline customers to it.

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